CiCi’s Food Paradise


CiCi Li started off as a columnist and TV host for New Tang Dynasty Television, exploring different people and their food on a global scale. In 2014, CiCi became so immersed with cuisines that she became a chef-in-training. Now she hosts her own cooking show, Food Paradise, which can be watched on YouTube. From Mongolian… Read more


Park Seo-Yeon Hello

Lately, meok-bang has been all the craze in South Korea. It’s where online personalities would host live broadcasts of themselves eating a meal. It usually involves an unwieldy amount of food that causes the viewer to be amazed in awe. I decided to attempt to experience this fetish personally and spent a good week watching… Read more

Osteria Mozza

Elizabeth Hong is the executive chef at the Osteria Mozza restaurant in Los Angeles. And her culinary skills must be in the genes. Her mother, Jenee Kim, also loves to cook and owns the Korean barbecue restaurant, Park’s BBQ, in K-Town. Elizabeth wasn’t the best student and disliked the traditional education system. That led to… Read more