Glow Recipe

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee

Christine Chang and her co-founder, Sarah Lee, collectively brings over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. The two founded Glow Recipe, an online shop that seeks to introduce Korean beauty products to the US market. “We’ve been working in Loreal Korea and the US. We really try to leverage that experience to bring… Read more

Coffee Meets Bagel

Daewoon giving speech at conference

Daewoon attained her MBA from Stanford and held a senior executive role as Vice President of JP Morgan in Hong Kong. There, she focused on investment banking. Daewoon eventually quits her job to start Coffee Meets Bagel with her two sisters, Soo Kang and Arum Kang. The three sisters grew up in an entrepreneurial family…. Read more

Ply Management


If you’ve ever seen HBIC, you must know Pam Z. She is an actress on the hit reality show and started the second season. Pam is one of the socialites that have proven to be a capable entrepreneur. “…I find that there are a lot of fresh grads which I would call them then business… Read more

Twin Star Fashion

Sachika Twins

To-Nam and To-Nya are identical twins born in Paris to a typical large Asian family. There were a total of 6 children in the household. They consider themselves to be two halves of the same whole and this can be taken in the literal sense. To-Nya is the left-handed creative genius behind their celebrity-endorsed flirtatious… Read more

The Subservient Man

Joesphine and her co-worker, Dalal Khajah, were working as copywriters for a marketing agency, AKQA, when they decided to pull a birthday prank on a co-worker. They hired a male stripper to keep his clothes on and demonstrate pure chivalry for a whole day to her. A few months later, another friend wanted the same… Read more

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