Column on model minority women

My Gaming Talent

My N Tran

My N. Tran is fulfilling her childhood dreams of designing games and is often regarded as one of the younger prominent figures in the gaming industry. She finds that designing games has allowed her creativity to flourish on the job each day and enjoys turning her concepts to reality. One of the most rewarding moments… Read more

Twin Star Fashion

Sachika Twins

To-Nam and To-Nya are identical twins born in Paris to a typical large Asian family. There were a total of 6 children in the household. They consider themselves to be two halves of the same whole and this can be taken in the literal sense. To-Nya is the left-handed creative genius behind their celebrity-endorsed flirtatious… Read more

The Subservient Man

Joesphine and her co-worker, Dalal Khajah, were working as copywriters for a marketing agency, AKQA, when they decided to pull a birthday prank on a co-worker. They hired a male stripper to keep his clothes on and demonstrate pure chivalry for a whole day to her. A few months later, another friend wanted the same… Read more

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