Column on model minority women

Pianist and Songstress

Younee singing and playing piano

Younee is an award winning pianist from South Korea. She started learning music at the age of 3 and has always been motivated to push the limits. Younee studied classical piano at Yonsei University. She is also accustomed to performing and singing to jazz, rock, and pop on stage. Her first studio album was released… Read more

Young Jazz Innovator

Connie on the piano

Connie Han is a professional jazz pianist, whose works are described as a “rejuvenating force.” Connie was born and raised in LA. She attended Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, studying both classical and jazz. Upon graduating high school, Connie began to play at professional performances in lieu of full scholarships to New… Read more

Ply Management


If you’ve ever seen HBIC, you must know Pam Z. She is an actress on the hit reality show and started the second season. Pam is one of the socialites that have proven to be a capable entrepreneur. “…I find that there are a lot of fresh grads which I would call them then business… Read more

Aiko Street Art


Aiko was born and raised in central Tokyo. She has always been apart of the rebellious countercultural and creative movements. While Aiko attended college in Tokyo, she created a pirate television station that broadcasted her music videos and short films. During her studies at the New School University in NYC, she wheatpasted her own nude… Read more

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