Glow Recipe

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee

Christine Chang and her co-founder, Sarah Lee, collectively brings over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. The two founded Glow Recipe, an online shop that seeks to introduce Korean beauty products to the US market.

“We’ve been working in Loreal Korea and the US. We really try to leverage that experience to bring you the absolute best innovations that we can find in Korea”

The two co-founders have a strong network in Korea and started working in the beauty industry over 10 years previously. They travel often to Korea to test the latest products and discover the latest brands. Glow Recipe is contacted daily in regards to new Korean skincare products and trends.

Their team also recruits in Korea. Their hiring decisions are based on character, rather than skill which can be taught or acquired. Christine mentions that it’s all about your motivation and attitude.

Glow Recipe was also featured on Shark Tank. The two co-founders had a tough time on the show, where the sharks targeted the vulnerabilities of their business, testing their ability to think on their feet. That challenge helped them grow as entrepreneurs and as individuals. It was also encouraging that the sharks recognized the potential of Korean beauty products to succeed in the US market.

Christine also describes herself as an introvert, which she felt like it was something she needed to overcome until now. She mentions that introversion may have a supportive role in her business efforts. Nowadays, it is common for entrepreneurs to be described as introverts.


Christine Chang

Title Co-CEO and Co-Founder
Company Glow Recipe
Education Columbia University
Ethnicity Korean

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