Pianist and Songstress

Younee singing and playing piano

Younee is an award winning pianist from South Korea. She started learning music at the age of 3 and has always been motivated to push the limits. Younee studied classical piano at Yonsei University. She is also accustomed to performing and singing to jazz, rock, and pop on stage. Her first studio album was released in Korea back in 2006, titled Key’s Piano. Younee is also a renown song writer who has written music for K-drama’s and K-pop artists.

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Younee’s second studio album, True To You, was released in the UK. She collaborated with several British jazz musicians on the album. Yet her most expansive and intricate skills manifest in her latest German debut album, Jugendstil, which was recorded in Berlin’s famous Emil Berliner Studio. The latest album features 11 of her compositions, an eclectic mix of classical, jazz, and pop. It takes listeners on a journey of emotional twists and spontaneity. Her occasional vocal interjections are most enjoyable and intimate.

Younee’s received the award for Best Songwriter at the Music Aid Awards. Her track “Home To You” topped several charts in the US. She is also among the few musicians to be invited to perform at the Steinway Festival.

Younee takes her inspiration from Mozart, Beethoven, and Rachmaninoff. Younee currently resides in Germany.


Title Pianist
Education Yonsei University
Location Germany
Ethnicity Korean

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