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If you’ve ever seen HBIC, you must know Pam Z. She is an actress on the hit reality show and started the second season. Pam is one of the socialites that have proven to be a capable entrepreneur.

“…I find that there are a lot of fresh grads which I would call them then business card girls”

“HBIC” is about a new generation of youth, the daughters of the affluent Chinese. The twenty-something year olds lead lavish envious lifestyles, living off the wealth of their parents. Global shopping sprees, exotic getaways, million dollar mansions… Some viewers regard HBIC as the Chinese version of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

“Nowadays, a lot of girls think that by having their own company they are CEO, but what do they have really? All they do is spend a lot of money printing the most glamorous new business cards, but actually they don’t have any of their own clientele”

While most of the girls are jobless, Pam is definitely an exception. For a good majority of the time, she is shown hard at work. When the other girls are throwing their party in a multi-million dollar Beverly Hills mansion, Pam is busy directing a fashion show, GAAC 2016, for her client.

Pam is the founder of Ply Talent Management, a Vancouver-based modelling agency. She places models in special events, promotional events, and the fashion runway. In addition to running her modelling agency, Pam is also one of the models and her profile can be found on her website.

Pam Zhao

Title Owner / Model
Company Ply Mangement
Education UBC Sauder School of Business
Location Vancouver, Canada
Height 5' 6"
Ethnicity Chinese

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