Should She, Sue, be Sued in Google VS Googe?

Sue Googe

Even her surname, Googe, can be a trademark infringement. In fact it’s just one letter short of “Google.” If you look at the Sue Googe logo below you can easily see a strong resemblance with the Google logo. What has been irritating most designers is not the similar font, but even the custom treatment of the “e” in “Googe” is done exactly like Google. It’s a total rip. I couldn’t understand why Sue, considering her position as a former software engineer, would even allow this to pass.

Then I began to contemplate and thought perhaps this was an intentional gesture as a form of tribute to her career in computer science. At the same time, her team is probably thinking it’s not detrimental for Google considering the logo is more or less ephemeral. And there is no way that the public eye will miss such a huge blunder. Popularity through association perhaps? Of course, the most logical reason is to cause her candidacy to go viral. Because of the infringement, multiple social media and news sources have been ranting about the design, making negative remarks. If it was Sue’s goal to gain widespread recognition, then her logo has definitely served its purpose well. After all, Sue is running to become a member of Congress, not the creative director of the United States. I can’t say I’m not a supporter of such a bold lady, who is not afraid to take risks (of a lawsuit) as a means to an end.

The controversial Instagram post [removed] has also gone viral. It implies that Sue is a supporter of the second amendment, the right to bear arms. She is also running as a republican candidate and is a strong supporter of Donald Trump.

Sue was born in China, in the mountain region of Hainan Island. Her grandfather was a military leader who fought against the communist party in the 1940’s. After losing the war, he was executed along with many male members of Sue’s family.

“The federal government has to put American family, American people… in our country, first. Not the special interest… Not the law. That’s why I’m running for congress.”

Sue started off as an accountant in mainland China. At the age of 26, Sue obtained a visa to come to the United States and study computer science at Wake Tech Community College. She continued her studies at UNC- Chapel Hill while working as a software engineer. Sue became a US citizen in 2005 and founded a real estate investment company in 2010.

“I want you to have the best chance in our country”

Sue has won the republican primary election that took place on June 7, 2016. The general election will take place on November 8, 2016. Best of luck to you, Sue!

Sue Googe

Title Congressional Candidate
Education University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Location North Carolina
Age 45
Ethnicity Chinese

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