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Lately, meok-bang has been all the craze in South Korea. It’s where online personalities would host live broadcasts of themselves eating a meal. It usually involves an unwieldy amount of food that causes the viewer to be amazed in awe.

I decided to attempt to experience this fetish personally and spent a good week watching the YouTube recordings of Park Seo-Yeon, who goes by the moniker Diva. While there are many online personalities participating in hosting meok-bang shows, Seo-Yeon happens to be the most prominent figure in this category and attracts a few thousand spectators each show. Now, what is it that makes her so popular?

It turns out that Seo-Yeon may cook on her show. You can even watch her eat her food straight off the wok! Quite a voracious eater, yet done gracefully. Well done, Seo-Yeon! I’m now a loyal fan.

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In a sense, she’s a role model for many young women in South Korea who want to slim down and eat little. Seo-Yeon herself maintains an incredible physique considering her diet on the show.

I’ve seen Seo-Yeon frantically attempt to recover live shrimps that jump out of the pan as they desperately cling to their lives. She squeals. It was kind of cute to watch her fear the very shrimp she’s about to ravage and devour herself.

What scares me the most is not the quantity of food, but rather the sheer amount of soda she consumes and displays in the background. Perhaps those are sponsored promotions. Coke seems to be her preferred beverage and she drinks a lot of it.

Drinking Coke

I don’t understand Korean, but I can’t help but to adore her fanciful ways and cute outfits. She’s very engaged with her audience. There’s a chat box that she reads and replies to vocally. It’s almost like a live Q&A. Her broadcasts can last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.


Other sources say that plenty of lonesome solitary viewers eat while watching her show. It gives them a sense of warmth as if they’re eating with a friend.

Seo-Yeon is making more than $9K a month through her online channel. I believe that restaurants and food brands are sponsoring her videos to promote their products.

Lastly, I randomly found videos of her online dancing. You can tell it’s her since it’s in the same room with the same accessories in the background as many of her meok-bang recordings.

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