Eunice in a coat

In 2000, Eunice Lee opened up her own men’s fashion boutique under her brand, Unis, in NYC. She brought with her experience designing for big name brands, like DKNY. A second brick-and-mortar shop eventually opened in La Brea.

“I think I am a chick designing for menswear.”

Eunice gazing

Eunice describes how having her own men’s fashion store helped her learn more about the difference between men and women when it comes to their wardrobe. Women tend to be fascinated about an entire new major fashion line and would buy everything. Her male customers tend to be very selective on the contrary. They only buy certain items. If they don’t want it, they don’t buy it. Her store and customer habits gave her insight to the fashion demands of men. Eunice learned that sticking to simple and narrow basics is most effective for her brand.

“I think the way I originally always designed was… How do I want my boyfriend to look? How do I want my cool guy friend to look?”

She mentions how women think they know how to shop for men, but they don’t. Men are more educated about fashion nowadays and there’s a bit more to it.

Eunice upclose

Eunice is invested in all aspects of her business, from material selection to sales and marketing. She describes how the economic recession has changed and ushered in a new phase to the fashion landscape, giving birth to new shops. Her story of surviving through the recession and choosing not to abandon what she loves is inspirational. All the relentless dedication and hard work has helped bring much success to Unis.

Eunice Lee

Title Fashion Designer, Owner
Company Unis
Education Parsons School of Design
Location New York & Los Angeles
Birthday November

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