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While Michelle Phan was among the first and one of the biggest beauty vloggers, there are other YouTube personalities that focus on beauty and have slowly caught on. Wendy Huang, AKA Wengie, is a vlogger from Australia. I find her foreign accent quite attractive and it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s helping to gain viewership in the US.

Wengie originally went to school to become an accountant with a full-time scholarship. This was on the recommendation of her parents who insisted on her college direction and had financial woes. After becoming an accountant, she found that she wasn’t the best at it and left to become a social media marketing manager. She slowly rose to become a marketing director at the young age of 26 before deciding to become a YouTube beauty vlogger full-time.

“I’d always thought I’d be a fashion designer. I used to make all my own clothes and I used to be inseparable from the sewing machine.”

Wengie describes her ordeal with her first year working full-time on her channel, when she lived in a “shoe box” for $620 a week and made $1,000 – $2,000 (on 200k subscribers). Luckily for Wengie, her fandom slowly grew and she began exploring other means to generate revenue through her channel. Beauty brands paid a good sum ($1,000 – $5,000) for her to market their products in sponsored videos. However, a drawback to featuring sponsored videos is some YouTubers were called “sell outs” for featuring video specifically for money. YouTube is supposed to feature vloggers who freely express their thoughts and opinions. And getting money to tell about how great a product is can invalidate this authenticity.

Wengie is flying high with her YouTube channel. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has also become the CEO of Style Alley, a new Australian marketplace that allows consumers to exchange their personal fashion items.

Wendy Huang

Title Youtube Vlogger
Education University of Technology, Sydney
Location Sydney, Australia
Age 30
Birthday January 9, 1986
Ethnicity Chinese

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