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My N Tran

My N. Tran is fulfilling her childhood dreams of designing games and is often regarded as one of the younger prominent figures in the gaming industry. She finds that designing games has allowed her creativity to flourish on the job each day and enjoys turning her concepts to reality. One of the most rewarding moments to My is when she learns about user reactions for her work through gaming forums.

“I like to play League of Legends”

“My name is My, I have 3 games in top 100 grossing on android and iOS”

Previously My has worked as a game designer for Red Robots Lab and Kiwi Games. She has successfully helped bring Castle Story to the top 100 grossing titles on both the Android Play and the Apple App store. Of course, such success comes with inherent challenges. She finds it difficult to procure the right people and resources to create a good game. Sometimes, she experiences creative blocks and talking to others helps overcome this hurdle.

My has a degree in linguistics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has dabbled in computer science during her college career, but deviated from it later on. She focuses on designing for game content, engagement, conversion and retention with the end user. There’s a strong cognitive science focus to her work with an emphasis on monetization.

“Without our users what’s the point?
Retention is everything in our industry”

My helped transform the release cycle for Castle Story to weekly on Thursday. Her team found that applying an agile methodology to games have a significant impact on the gaming community. Each week, they released new content to engage gamers. Sessions played per day went from 6-9 and they observed a 10 minute increase in game play with each release.

My N. Tran

Title Game Designer, Chief Creative
Company TrulySocial Ltd., G.R.O.W.
Education University of California, Santa Cruz
Location San Francisco, CA
Ethnicity Vietnamese

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