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Sachika Twins

To-Nam and To-Nya are identical twins born in Paris to a typical large Asian family. There were a total of 6 children in the household. They consider themselves to be two halves of the same whole and this can be taken in the literal sense. To-Nya is the left-handed creative genius behind their celebrity-endorsed flirtatious dresses and outerwear. To-Nya studied fashion at the International Academy of Design. To-Nam is the right-handed mastermind behind their alluring marketing and unique business approach. To-Nam studied communications and journalism at the University of Montreal. To-Nya and To-Nam both have their company logos tattooed on the corresponding left and right sides of their neck.

The Sachika sisters seek to dress women of all demographics and ages. Their motivation is to use fashion to enhance a woman’s natural curves. The two sisters explained that natural physical flaws can also be beauty and strong points.Β  They are known to make use of colors to create vibrant and exotic outfits.

The appeal of their work has reached a large audience through Charlotte Russe, Target, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Guess, Eaton’s, Sears, and Arden B. The two sisters were responsible for $30 million in sales each year. In 2009, the two sisters founded their own fashion design company, Sachika, in New York. Within the year, the company achieved widespread success in the celebrity and entertainment scene. Their works have been featured in publications– Elle, Vogue, Business Week, NY Times, Reuters and Forbes.

“How do I want my boyfriend to dress?”

The Sachika sisters have been dress fashion experts, but recently indulged their work in men’s fashion. Their TUXX line caters to men who desire a slick modern look to accent their masculinity.

“Limitation is all in your mind”

Their exotic name originated from a time when they were children and a family friend studying foreign language gave To-Nya the Japanese name, Sachika. The name stuck with them and eventually translated into their brand. Sachika means more happiness, wishes and fortune. The name is edgy and exotic, befitting of their modern unique brand.

The two young and beautiful entrepreneurial icons represent the archetypes of independence, ambition, and strength. The Sachika brand seeks to promote these qualities in women.

Sachika Twins– To-Tam and To-Nya

Title Fashion Designer, CEO & Founder
Company Sachika
Location Los Angeles / New York
Ethnicity Vietnamese

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